Hvad er årsagen til smedning af støbeformdele?

The forging of the casting mold parts can make the material structure fine, the carbide distribution and the streamline distribution reasonable, improve the heat treatment performance and improve the service life of the mold. The blanks of casting mold parts are generally formed by forging, and the purpose of forging is to obtain a certain geometric shape, so as to save raw materials, save processing time and reduce cost.
Facing the main working parts of the mold, especially the parts requiring high heat treatment quality and long service life, such as the convex and concave die of the die, the cavity of the forging die, the plastic die and the die-casting die, in addition to the requirement to obtain a certain geometry The main purpose is to improve the performance of raw materials by forging, in addition to shape, saving raw materials and reducing processing time. Therefore, the mold parts, especially in the main working parts, must be forged before processing, and the mold can serve the public for a long time.